Phish and Chips with Santander

Santander call on The Frying Squad to deliver tips to avoid phishing scams…

During October of 2017, in our distinctive Frying Squad van newly rebranded by Santander, we could be found travelling around the UK giving away our delicious fish and chips in return for any phishing emails and smishing texts excited (and hungry) locals had received, and delivering tips to avoid phishing scams.

Three quarters of Britons report being targeted by scammers with phishing emails, smishing texts and vishing calls. With each person targeted receiving an average of 16 fraudulent emails, texts or calls last year, adding up to a total of 600 million phishing, smishing and vishing attempts in the UK in the twelve months prior to our UK tour *.

To raise public awareness of this issue Santander UK gave a truly British institution a distinctly phishy twist: by launching a fish and chips van that accepted payment in the form of phishing emails and smishing texts.

Our tour of the country took in Leicester, Birmingham, Cardiff, Bristol, London, Leeds and Glasgow over a busy fortnight. It was a great success in terms of awareness and by way of offering up our delicious phish… sorry ‘fish’… and chips to a much wider audience.

On one of our tours of London, Santander surprised us (and most of London) by providing us with a trainee fish and chip van driver who could certainly claim to have some serious driving experience. Former World Formula 1 Champion Jenson Button said: “Being behind the wheel of the Phish and Chip van around London was certainly a different driving experience! It was a lot of fun being part of the tour and serving fish and chips to the public in exchange for their scam emails. It’s been eye opening to see how many people receive these emails every day!”

It’s the not quite the same as being there but click on the video link below to sample the fun…

*Source: ONS 2011 Census and Omnibus data

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